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Rico (OOC) exclaims, "It's mighty morphin' fanart time!"

...Someone shoot meeee. XD XD XD (This was also posed in my journal by mistake, but I'm too lazy to edit, so BAH.)


The fairly obvious names won't be detailed, even if you'll be lucky to figure out who's who. XD XD XD I warned yoo~

Top Half, left to right:

^ "If Aila Marries an octopus, this is what their baby's face will be."

*on t-shirt*: Dios?

*mixed in with v arrows*: *DOWN DOWN* Viki: WHEEEEE *FALL FALL*

Viki: "Whee, I'm flying~!" v v "WAI!" v v v

Sasa: "AWAY!"

Middle row-ish, left to right:

"Chris's hair used to be black. People like Nash and Percy made her hair turn white."

*little speech bubble*: @@@#@$@!$ (Not really, but that's what it meeeans)

Nash: I R NINJA!

*behind him*: *POSE*

*below him*: HWOOOOOOOO!!! (Wind-ish sound effect to match the leaf blowing past)

*arrow*: tomato!

Barts: "Hi-ho-hoe, awaaaay!"

*below Barts*: *arrows* Nekkid?! For shame!

Rico: "Achew(yes, spelled that way)!!!"

Fred: "Bless you."

Bottom row, a.k.a. what's left, left to right:

Ace: "Why have you left me, Geddoe?!"

*beside Ace*: <- Ace. Yay cheekbones.

*below Geddoe*: ^ Geddoe's making bedroom eyes! ....eye. Whatever.

Queen: ()o__O (expression)

*below Jacques*: Gratuitous Jacques fanservice!!!

*arrow at Rico's leg*: Augh, Anatomy!!!

*below Fred*: Floating badly drawn Fred!! Aieee!!!

There. Done. That wasn't so bad, was it? ~_^;

It was gonna be a picture of Fred and Rico based off the bit of RP I got in. X_x But then it turned into...a MONSTER. Not having reference pics didn't help~ XD I go bed now. Night! ^_^
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