Arcana (kartia) wrote in budehucmuck,

Ahoy, matey!

We've gathered together two ideas for main TPs within the next few months.

Depending on how active we get, we may or may not post anything for the month of April. It's exam time for many people and they may not want to have a TP at that time. No dates have yet been set.

However, it would be very good if everyone can spread the word about Budehuc MUCK again and to log in to chat and role-play. We're also open to applications, so by all means let your friends know about the game! Also, if anyone's on the MUCK and does not know about this journal, let them know. (The messageboard is down and I would need web space in order to revive it).

  • Repairing the castle: This is a simple plot that will involve repairing Budehuc Castle so that it is in good shape. It would involve repairing the walls and reinforcing the castle so that it is battle-worthy. As usual, with most of our plots, this will serve as a setting for a few weeks. The main events will include:

  • - Deciding to fix the castle
    - Fixing the walls and everything
    - Celebrating the newly-repaired castle

    The date hasn't yet been set.

  • Pirate Raid: The next plot, which probably won't happen for a couple of months is a PIRATE RAID. One day, pirates by sea will come and plunder the castle (right after we repaired and reinforced it, too!) and it will be up to its brave inhabitants to stop them!

  • This is more of a major plot and probably will occur closer to May or June.

The details haven't been hammered out yet but be sure to let me know what your ideas are! Post comments! Talk to me! You can always send me E-mail (budehucmuck at hotmail . com) too!

And post dates when you're free!

And don't forget to log in once in a while and RP, too!
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